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    It's not all toil, bacon sandwiches and Doombar in the BodgeLair, sometimes it's just great to hang out with good freinds and take some goofy pics. With special guest stars Cody and Paul Grenade, live from the USA via Skype!

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    Looks like a good weekend was had!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommytank View Post
    Looks like a good weekend was had!
    It's always a good weekend in the BodgeLair when freinds turn up. Sometimes we even get stuff done!


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    Behold. Shitbox Two emerges from the BodgeLair. This would not have been possible without the help of some good friends! See you at Japfest on Sunday! :)

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    So far the car is holding up well. Still a few teething issues, but nothing that stops me getting to a few events.

    Had a fabulously good oil leak from the rear bank, it caused quite a stir arriving in a cloud of smoke! Sorted with a few new gaskets.

    The car has had a lot of interest on Facebook, I'm still adding stickers so if you have any spare, let me know.


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    I have some TnT and Skunkworks stickers spare, let me know your address and i'll send you a goody bag

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    Fantastic! Lookin much better now,

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