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Thread: Hi New Guy

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    Hi New Guy

    Hi I'm MonkeyTurnip and i have a Mr2 Turbo rev3

    Its Goodwood Green.

    I bought it 18 months ago from a friend, it sat for 6 years going nowhere, and i finally got it road legal in November. it's not perfect but it is a good laugh.

    i'm here to find out about modifying the engine and to see what i can take it too.

    so hi

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyTurnip View Post
    i'm here to find out about modifying the engine and to see what i can take it too.
    Hi there too, as to where, well that depends on what you actually want to do with it & how deep are your pockets. We had a Rev2 Turbo for about 8 years, loved it, should now really have kept it & tarted it back up, but we didn't :(

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    I'm not 100% sure on what i actually want....i am building te car as i always wanted a project car, and i am upgrading/changing as much as possible. One of the itches is to strip and rebuild the engine and release more power. Originally i wanted to get as close to 400bhp as i could, without destroying driveability too much, (no silly cams).....

    I am prepared for sending bits off for maching,etc. And getting forged internals

    My.biggest problem is finding out fact and not just pub i am doing alot of research, as i want to make sure that the go faster bits are the right bits if you knownwhat i mean.

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    Pull out turbo replace with V6 2GR that's pretty much 350 out of the box (stand to be corrected/educated)

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    I have a 2GR mk2, makes about 325bhp (or so i'm told), but the delivery is very different because theres no boost, it's always there. You can add a supercharger and stand alone ecu, which will take it over 400bhp, but thats a lot of money to spend, and bascally a Lotus Evora...

    An MR2 turbo will turn out that kind of power for a lot less, but to be honest i have never bothered with the turbo because it looked scary and complicated (and i am quite lazy). There is stacks of support for the MR2 Turbo, and the one thing i will say is that you can just keep upping the BHP as time and budget allows.

    Have a troll through some of the threads on here, this forum is the ultimate archive for who did what to what and what happened!



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    There is also a lot of good turbo info on tbdevelopments forum, but don't expect any replies, it's dead, I don't think anybody visits it anymore other than for reference

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