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    ive been a bit tardy about putting a post on here...

    i've been here a while now mostly reading the tech section on v6 fitting, had a chat or two with Chris woods about bits of car he doesn't want anymore (wish i could afford that flywheel i really do...) but i've yet to introduce myself, which is rude

    so hi, i live in cornwall, i have a n/a mr2 that i've gotten roadworthy and now decided i need more power so ive gone the v6 route. for anyone thats interested in following this cars progress i really dont want to be copy and pasting everything over here as well so please feel free to read the IMOC thread (open to all, i've checked :)

    anyway so errr. hi!

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    Yay, welcome proper like! Chris Wood (not woods), people love making me plural, but i think one big fat one is enough.

    Sorry meant to reply to your email / PM, been a tad busy with work things.


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    lol sorry about the typo i really ought to pay more attention :) no worries about the lack of pm, were all busy, i look forward to hearing back soon

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    just posted bonkers idea on your imoc thread

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    just thought id post here saying.. engines now in. check it out :)

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