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Thread: Hi from NZ

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    Hi from NZ

    Hi all im shaun a long time Mr2 lover (3 so far) and i have started on my next project, a 1992 Sw20 na with 102,000kms that i will be v6 swapping shortly.
    This is it when I got it[IMG_5103.jpgATTACH=CONFIG]3108[/ATTACH]

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    Welcome, which v6 are you going for?

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    Wellington,New Zealand
    And which region...if your in the 04. Your local.....
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Im in palmerston north mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomp1983 View Post
    Welcome, which v6 are you going for?
    Im going with a 1mz-fe

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    Soon after i bought the car i built a spray booth in my garage and the car got a respray in 3e5 red, which came out slightly orange but i dig it
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    Welcome to TB, anything you need to know just ask, nice spray booth!

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    Choice bru!

    I'll be watching your progress with the swap - I have all the bits but haven't got the place to do it yet. But looking at someone like LawrenceSelly this guy does it in the dirt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Woods View Post
    Welcome to TB, anything you need to know just ask, nice spray booth!
    Thnks Paul ill be in contact with you in the next few weeks as ill be needing an engine mount and im thinking of getting you to do my loom but need to rebuild the 1mz first, its out of a jap import 1997 Toyota Windom

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