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    1989 TOYOTA MR2 WHITE MK1 AW11 with V6 Camry 3.0L installed

    This is a very special car, it was the 2nd V6 conversion ever started, but more importantly it was the 1st that was actually legally driven & registered on the road in the UK. I take no glory in the building as it t was built by a qualified Aeronautical Engineer to a very high standard there is a 45 page build manual over on twobrutal if you want to see it's history. It started life as a standard MK1 which had been very well looked after which had only 3 previous owners, with under 60K miles. The car was completed, driven for a while but on the way back from JAE in 2008 (I think) there was an issue with the differential which locked up & effectively acted like a welded diff. The car was put into the garage & left until last year when I bought it from the builder, the gearbox was replaced with a low mileage turbo box with LSD, it was my intention to keep the car as we were moving to a bungalow which had storage space & garages, but that has all fallen through & I now have nowhere to keep it.

    It really is in very good condition there is just starting to show a small amount of rust on the nearside arch but it is still very solid & I was quoted £100 to put it right.


    Normally aspirated 3.0Litre V6 engine from Toyota Camry
    Intake cone filter attached to AFM in place of original air filter
    Aluminium Fidenza flywheel
    Standard exhaust system from Yoyota MR2 MK2 GTS with connecting pipe modified to match Camry downpipes
    Engine mounts custom fabricated from 4mm mild steel with chassis members reinforced to suit
    Engine rubber insulators from Toyota MR2 MK2 GTS


    Standard Toyota Celica GT4 clutch
    Gearbox Toyota MR2 MK2 Rev3 Turbo with LSD
    Driveshafts combination of Camry & GT4


    KYB gas shocks absorbers front & rear
    Rear anti-roll bar upgraded to MR2 MK2 Turbo 19mm unit

    Standard front discs upgraded from 256mm to 280mm diameter
    Standard front calipers upgraded to Willwood 4 pot calipers

    TSW Apex 16" Alloy wheels
    Yokohama A539 205/45 R16 87V

    It's MOT'd until December 2017

    So if you have got this far you may well be interested, so finally the price, it's £3500 car is located in Worksop North Notts
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    Post approved, good luck with the sale.

    Nice example, and surely will only go up in value.


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    Oh that's a rarely seen easy project! GLWS...

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    Just for full disclosure somebody came to look at the car & pointed out some things that I was not aware of, the car has been in an front end accident at some point in it's life as it has got red painted panels behind the bumper & it appears to have had the radiator crossmember replaced.

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    So a tough little car then.


    Sent from my Pixel XL so I'm probably on the loo. :)

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    Yep & at 30 years old does it really matter? just you know me I've been screwed over so many times I couldn't live with doing it to other people.

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    I point out all the warts I can as a rule, I dislike giving people any room for complaint afterwards! All you can do is be honest and make sure people check things out to their own satisfaction.

    Sent from my Pixel XL so I'm probably on the loo. :)

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    I looked at this at JB's and it really is in excellent condition if I had the space I would be biting your arm off!

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    As original builder I can confirm body is in good order and yes it had minor front end crash with first owner. For the purist the front bumper is from 1a car whereas this is 1b.
    Good luck with sale Alan, sorry you can't keep it.

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