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    Lancia Gammry Coupe

    Does anyone know anything about 3vz-fe manual gearboxes relating to fwd cars? I have a Lancia Gamma Coupe that has been sitting in my shed for 30 years. Mainly because all the mechanical parts on them were absolute garbage from new, parts are largely unobtainable and hideously expensive. I think I know Toyota conversions well enough to swap the whole front subframe from a Camry (maybe, its just a theory at present). But I dont like autos. I have never seen a manual V6 uk Camry, so does anyone know how to convert one to a manual box without having to get parts like driveshafts modified? My budget is small and I dont have the time for enormous projects. I have no fear of the chassis fabrication involved, I just dont want to get into lots of bespoke moving parts.

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    I'll have a stab at this, but be warned I may be talking absolute bollocks, I think you're bound to have to get driveshafts made, as I very much doubt there will be a plug & play solution from Lancia to Toyota or vicki verki. But there are a lot of places that could do that for you, you just need to get your measurement right. As it's going up front, you might need a Celica gearchange lever & pivots then possibly new longer gear change cables, other than that Bob's your uncle Fanny's your aunt, couple of weekends & it's a runner. We of course need pictures, we love pictures, I'm going for a lie down now & take my medication.

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    Two options spring to mind.

    1) sell me it. :)

    2) Fiat. A lot of the Fiat / Lancia stuff was interchangeable in much the same way that Toyota / Lexus are, so maybe find a near cousin vehicle with a slightly less shit gearbox.

    I think a Fiat box would be way less trouble, and you might even find a plug an pray version. But if you do try it with a Toyota box, look for an E153 turbo box. I'm pretty sure that will outlive the car.


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    Wasn't the Thema and Saab 9000 the same car? I'd wager GM parts bin stuff would be a match, maybe the C30LET would fit easier.

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