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    mk2 n/a cluch friction plate.

    yes i know it makes me sound really cheap but hear me out.

    i put a brand new clutch kit in my (now v6) mr2, which i then promply ripped out when i fitted the new engine. i used the friction plate in the v6 swap leaving me with a brand new clutch kit minus friction plate. i now jave another two(as a few of you will know from reading my basket case thread) which has a slipping clutch (i know this from using it for the first time ever under its own power to tow my knackered v6 into my garage. so hating waste i would prefer to fit the clutch kit i already have to it, but im gonna need a new (or nearly new) friction plate. i figured a few people might have one from fitting a turbo box to a n/a or v6....

    so i suppose that makes for the longest wanted in history but hay...

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    Lol, nice.

    So you fitted an N/A clutch to your V6? Because unless it was an LUK it will probably slip. I tried an Exedy early on and it wouldn't hold the power. I'm not sure i would fit one to an N/A Mk2 either, in fact i just fitted an LUK clutch to my shitbox 3S-FE! You can pick up an LUK clutch on eBay for not much coin at all,

    I rambled about them extensively here:-

    And here's one on eBay.


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    no the pressure plate and flywheel where 3sgte only the friction plate was 3sge, hence i have most of the kit sat here for replacing my 3sfe's clutch.

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    there are 3sge friction plates brand new on ebay for £30, ill probably just buy one of those.

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