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Thread: Hi there

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    Hi there

    Hello all Im Dan,

    Found this website from searching about v6 converted Mr2s.

    Ive just sold my 2014 fiesta St awesome car but saving for a mortgage has become priority.

    I have always loved the Sw20 Mr2 having been for a ride in one 15 years ago im 30 now, I have decided I need to scratch the itch ive had for years to get one.
    Im sure I won't have one by tomorrow but its definitely on the cards and I do need to drive one though.

    Anyway enough from me and thanks for reading.

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    Woodsport Paul Woods's Avatar
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    Welcome to Twobrutal.

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    Cheers Paul, read a few of your projects some amazing work going on.

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    Hi Dan - just about to advertise my "Woodsport" 1mz vvti conversion - might be a good (and quick) way for you to scratch that itch? PM me if of interest.
    Cheers, Chris

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    Hi buddy thanks for the offer but I wont be buying anything for a while yet, saving is priority but I am swatting up on the dos and donts etc.

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