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    MK1.5 AW11 Project - Instal complete

    Here goes:

    E registration MK1B AW11 with Rev 2 3SGTE installed. Be under no illusion, this is a project, and would need collecting and finishing. This is the good and bad:

    Running Koni suspension, fully poly bushed all round
    ST185 front brakes, 22V MR2 rears with car but not fitted. Discs will now need a skim.
    Image split rim wheels, 16x7 and 16x9 running Towo Proxes all round.
    Leather interior, but drivers seat will need a retrim
    Deep dish wheel
    Intake snorkel
    JDM rear lights. Fog and reverse integrated.
    Plumey mod spoiler
    Woodsport deep vent engine lid
    Woodsport deep front splitter (not painted or fitted)
    All black interior panel swap. (Was blue originally)
    Brake and clutch M/C changed
    Engine swap is currently finished on the mechanical side. Problem is the turbo was making strange noises on first start, so would need to come off and be remedied.
    Comes with charge-cooler, pump and rad.
    Mostly complete car in terms of what's needed to finish.

    Not so good:
    Corrosion has snuck up on me. I have taken the sill covers off and there are now rust holes on the sill mounting threads. Would benefit from new sills. The rest of the car seems to be structurally sound
    Front arch on OS could do with a new panel. It is solid but tatty.
    sunroof has rust blister, would need attention
    Windscreen seems to be delaminating.
    Rear arches have been cut to fit the wheels, but not tidied
    Project is not finished. As detailed, all the bits are for the most part here, but it does need a few things sorting to complete.

    As it is now:

    How it did look:

    Its sitting in my unit as a 3rd down the list project at the moment. I would no doubt get back into it one day, but funds and time are against me. I'll undoubtedly be raging at myself when both of those variables return when I've sold it, but for the moment its taking up space that could be better used. I'm a firm believer in letting someone love a car and have a crack at it when I am unable to. so here it is.

    Located in Irvine at the moment. I could rip all the loveliness out of it and sell it for more than this asking price, which is well below the finished price for a 1.5 anyway.

    First person to present £1750 and a flat bed can take her away.


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    @jumpman33 apologies. Inbox cleared now.

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    OK, wheels are gone, but a new turbo and AFM have been added. Little else has changed apart from some pretty annoying life circumstances.

    First one to come up with a grand and 4 wheels to roll it away on has it.

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    Right guys, mega personal issues are now causing a substantial level of grief (divorce, house sale, unit lease up, etc). I honestly dont have the time for this but if I cant get someone to come and make an offer on this, the breaking may have to be done to get it moving. Mega gutted about that route but the poor guy isnt going to be finished by my hand I'm afraid.

    Last ditch, any decent offers on this?

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    Hi, tried to pm you but inbox full

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    Pity you’re so far away.... I would have taken this off your hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essex2visuvesi View Post
    Pity you’re so far away.... I would have taken this off your hands
    Me too, even looked at getting it picked up, bit harder now no wheels to roll it, plus realistic need to get myself another AW11 before grabbing a parts car.

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