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    Tasty Tin Top MK2 arrives at the BodgeLair!

    So this arrived on Saturday. Minty Rev2, suffered a cam belt snap on the way back from the MOT, and subsequent abandonment after the crank pulley removal caused more damage.

    Some assembly is required. And by assembly I mean chuck the 3S-GE in the bin and fit a nice fat V6 in there.


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    Black looks like the in colour then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainen View Post
    Black looks like the in colour then.
    Black is the "correct" colour.

    The Shitbox two next to it is dirty blue ;)

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    TinTops rock

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    Never owned a tin top before. Mellony is super excited!


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    So after looking at this car for a while, I dragged it into the BodgeLair and Patrick @ya_crow and meself pulled the engine out at a leisurely pace.

    I've got a spare 3S-GE on a trolley so the plan is to do a quick turnaround and get the car back up and running again. The suspension has all gone back on for now so the car can go back outdoors for a bloody good pressure wash.

    The car still has MOT, so as soon as it's running it can go back on the road without too much hassle!

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    Splashed out 30 English punts on a winch off of the eBay, dragged the black tintop back in and stuffed another 3S-GE back in!

    Should be back running on the morrow!

    Here's some fairly uninteresting pics. :)

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    Hurrah! Another two rescued and back on its feet. Couple of tidy up jobs and my usual paranoid bolt check and I think this bad boy will be up for sale. It's nearly 100% original (as in not modded), doesn't look to have ever been welded, and aside from "age related shit" it's not a bad car. Hope it well get appreciated for many years to come.

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    Patrick "YaCrow" came over last weekend with his big polishing mop to make the tintop nice and shiney. I also swapped the wheels out for a tasty set. Today it came out of the garage. Next it's getting some attention on the inside too!

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    Smart work dude, hows the Dino coming along?

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