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Thread: Hi all!

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    Hi all!

    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum. I own a mica blue mk1. Looking to do some suspension and wheel upgrades in the near future so will undoubtedly be seeking advice.

    After not having driven the car for a year and nearly selling a good long drive has sorted me out. Time to give it some tlc and get some miles on!

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    Hi and welcome to the club. Always good to see someone get their MR2 mojo back

    Ask away, there's plenty of help here and as Chris said get some pics up.

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    Welcome to TB, Mk1s are the core founding stones of Twobrutal, great to see another Mk1 owner signing up.

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