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    Please sir, can I have an E153

    As in the title. Had one lined up on Facebook MR2 page but he upped and disappeared like a fart in the wind!!

    Would like a box with good condition, mileage not so much of an issue so long as it works. LSD wanted for sure.

    Let me know what you have. Thanks.


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    I have one in the 2gr, it's coming out complete with shafts, hubs and carrier.

    Open to sensible offers, and some idea on timeframe etc.


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    I would only need the complete box with gear linkage and pressure plate bearing carrier. As it will be going into a celica with an MWR conversion kit.

    I had one lined up for £300 but It wasn't his car and was posting for a friend etc etc sounded dodgy, then he stopped replying when I pushed for the sale. What sort of price did you have in mind?

    Are you uk based? I would need posted to Castle Street Portchester, PO16 9QG.



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    Hi there

    Time line for me isn't an issue. Car is laid up while I have kids. So will be a long build. I had one lined up with shafts for £400 but he kept avoiding me and then disappeared. I have since found out I only need the geardow as it's for a celica and the MWR conversion kit includes shafts.

    What are you looking for including delivery, unless you are close to portsmouth and I could possibly collect.



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    Hi Matt,

    I got your pm and replied. Send me a contact number or email address and I will get back to you.


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