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    Quote Originally Posted by sam56 View Post
    Third time lucky , tried posting this info but not appearing on site . My car is a mm 2 k reg gts turbo , so if that co is no good then where do I get a decent cat from ? Thanks for your help .
    Hi Sam,

    Sorry sometimes posts / threads get caught in the moderation queue and it isnt entirely obvious. If you ever post up something and it doesnt appear just PM me and i will sort is.

    Pretty sure i will have a Cat coming off a car over the next couple of days, will check and report back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam56 View Post
    Hi , wow , how long did that last ?
    Not my car but if I Remember correctly about 6 months
    1ZZ turbo at 12PSi

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    A '92 k reg turbo doesn't require a cat so just source a decat it should be cheaper

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    Well I have this. It's an n/a car, not sure if that's a show stopper.

    Available for not very much coin.


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    My car has been getting mot without cat but mechanic now says I need one because of emissions . Cdwood10 , Iím waiting to find out if sensor is push fit or two bolt , thanks anyway . Thomp 1983 , cheers .

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    Hi , Iíve always thought that , not sure why I need one now apart from emission problem , obviously thatís reason why .

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