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    An ordinary day at BodgeWerks

    Saturday I was joined in the BodgeLair by Patrick (YaCrow), and Chris O (Eat a bag of) with the usual buffet of Doombar and bacon sarnies.

    Objective was to drop the engine and box out, strip the bay of anything that isn't staying, and refit the suspension so the car can go back outside. This car is getting the 1mz engine out of the Dino smasher, then it's getting a replica body kit, so the engine bay has to be cleaned, primed and painted black.

    Job done, we celebrated with more beer. :)

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    Oh we did. Chris O was recording video, plus we had a go pro and my iPhone recording. Will get the video up when it's finished.


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    Cracked the engine and box apart. The gearbox will be getting painted and going back in, and the engine might be going in the black tintop.

    The car had done 112k of either miles or kilometers, and given that the clutch that came out was Toyota (and pretty damn well used) it might even be the original.

    More soon.....

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    Most people spend their lunch hour at their day job eating sandwiches, reading a book, or buying crap on the interwebnet. At BodgeWerks we like to pop out to the garden and pressure wash an engine bay. And a gearbox for good measure. :)

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    Some more work on the red car, nice black engine bay with a nice shiny V6 chucked in.

    Many thanks to John for helping me not die under a crane. Engines are heavy and can kill.


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