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    Some crap from my garage, MK1 and MK2 stuff + weights and weights bench

    Got some crap in my garage I dont want anymore, free to collect from Teddington (near Twickenham). Would like gone asap, Preferably by the end of the month. You guys have first dibs.

    Bare in mind this stuff has been in storage for a few years so should be considered for re-painting/re-finishing and refurbishment before use.

    Momo and sparco steering wheels with bosses - some wear and needs cleaning. Momo centre cap "horn button" missing, its in my garage somewhere but easy to get a replacement, there pretty much standard fit.

    Set of headlights, light blue and white covers and spare lenses

    Rev1/2 UK taillights missing orange corners

    Mk1 rear big brake kit, modified mk2 carriers and calipers, corsa discs.

    Mk1 repair panels - 2 x rear corner prices and 1 x d/s rear-sill to arch, passenger side bottom door pillar with thread and holes for door sensor

    Mk1 complete lock set

    Rev3 white spoiler


    Now for the weights for all you fitness freaks out there!

    Macy Dumbells with 2x1.25 and 2x2.5 weights each
    2x 5kg weights
    2x10kg weights
    4x25lb York weights
    Eazybar with 2x5kg and 4x2.5kg weights
    Weider 235 weights bench
    Doorway chin up bar


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    I'll take the steering wheels if you can box them up? i'll pay the shipping plus a drink for your time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ringslayer View Post
    Hi, I sent you a PM

    Have you heard anything back?

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    Is there rear brake setup still available?

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