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    Hello from North yorkshire


    Joined TB the other day as i am currently considering a 1mz swap into my 1992 g-ltd.
    Have been reading endless forums and gathering info in the hope that i will be able to do the swap fairly painlessly and without asking questions that have been answered a thousand times before.
    The insurance is the biggest issue for me at the mo' as most companies dont like to insure young drivers on modified policies, but i have managed to get it affordable and im still looking.
    Im thinking of going for a vvti version out of the lexus rx300 so keeping an eye out for one of them, i read somewhere that i need one that is 1998 - 2003 but cant find any info on what changed.
    so fingers crossed that plans will go ahead and i will do a thread once i start.

    Oh and this is Sky the patient of the swap


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    I’m just in the middle of a 1MZ-FE VVTi swap out of a 2001 RX300 and running a build thread on here. Ask away, always someone to answer.

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    Thanks guys.
    I have already spent quite a bit of time studying your thread @rainen some awesome work there it has been very helpful.

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    Glad you found it useful. I’m heading towards engine start early November. All the best for your conversion project.

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    I will keep my eyes on the thread then. Looking forward to seeing the custom exhaust ��

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    Spoken to some more insurance companies now and decided that i can get a price not to distant from the current one so the build can go ahead. Im looking at having it completed next march as thats when my current insurance runs out so it could be quite a wait. I have been looking through some of the damaged auctions to try find a rx300 with a good engine preferably with low miles.
    Where have others bought there donors from?

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    i just set up an alert on eBay and gumtree. A lot were down south but I was prepared to travel for the right car. In the end I found a guy selling the one I had on eBay, he had just bought it from a Lexus dealer and was about 40 miles from me. He even delivered it to my house! Paid £1,500 which is about average. Prices ranged from £1,000 upwards.

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