Hello again everyone Ashley here, you may remember me from 2014 JAE about to buy/build a mk1.... Basically my life took a major change for which i blame a woman and that idea went out the window (i know, i need to get my priorities right)

But today i just got back from a 1,302 mile round trip to buy a mk1 with a nice engine in(of which im not going to mention who or what car right now) anyway, the bloke had over exaggerated the cars condition and the repairs that had been carried out coupled with the fact i know the mk1 reasonably well I found enough wrong with it that I walked away.... I know right But im here with my eye out concidering my options.

One of which is actually the fact my dad brought "little duce coupe" and i may end up the owner in the near future and put my obsession for a mk1 on the back burner for a while. Maybe import one and do a build myself, not sure yet..... Anyway just sharing my weekends shambles of a journey with you to make yours feel more easy going.