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Thread: Newbie from OZ

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    Newbie from OZ

    Hi All

    This is my first post on any forum and would like to say hi.
    I've read several posts and would like to congratulate you guys with all the assistance you have given too many people and your considerable knowledge.

    I don't actually own an MR2 but my son does. It's a JDM 1990 SW20 NA. The gearbox (S54) has the usual problems with synchros.
    He is considering the V6 swap. We live in Australia and don't have too much difficulty in sourcing Camrys with V6 but they are few and far between with the manual gearbox but I have managed to source a donor Camry with a 1MZ and manual box.

    So in order to make this project happen could someone provide me with some information regarding the use of the Camry gearbox/driveshafts. I understand that the gear linkages on the Camry gearbox need tobe re-positioned to the other side of the gearbox. How is this done, whats involved?

    Can the Camry driveshafts be used on the MR2?

    Thanks guys for any advice and keep up the great work.

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    Hi, welcome to TB.

    The Camry manual gearbox is a rare animal indeed, they don't exist here in the UK at all, every one of ours was an auto.

    What I can tell you is the Camry driveshafts are too long for use on the Mr2, you will need to source a pair of Mr2 turbo shafts.

    Now that presents a further problem at the hub, the outer turbo CV won't fit into the hub, but the OZ Camry shaft may well have a smaller outer spline in which case you can fit the OZ Camry CV joint onto the Mr2 turbo shaft. Failing that you can do one of two things, convert the rear hubs on your car to Mr2 turbo spec or fit Celica St185 front CV joints onto the Mr2 turbo shafts, that will then fit the NA hubs.

    On the gearbox shifter, you will need to swap the mid case section of your Camry gearbox for the Mr2 turbo one, or accurately drill the Camry casing in two stages, one for the shaft and the second for the oil seal which will need to come from Toyota. You then need to install the Mr2 turbo selector assembly. After that one of your gear cables will need its length altering, the left one at the stick end, which involves cutting and sleeving, the right one will need adjusting on its balljoint..... OR you can fit Mr2 turbo cables.

    That's as much as I know on the subject of using a Camry manual box in an Mr2.

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    Hi Paul

    Thanks for your response.
    Keep up the great work you do and the very informative forum.

    From the sounds of it he would probably find it easier to refurbish the S54 box. How much work is involved with changing the synchros?
    Can new synchros be sourced from Toyota or are there alternative suppliers out there?

    Thanks again.

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