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    I thought I had moved to sensible cars now!

    Hi all, after too many years of driving sensible (boring) cars, and still mourning the sale of my V6 MR2 MK2 that Paul (Wood) converted for me, I am back in the land of retro!
    Following the sale of my Cinema business a couple of years ago, I have time back on my hands. A couple of months ago I spotted a car that was local thirty odd years ago in a garage near to me. It is not a Toyota, but a Ford (barely) . I rushed to the garage to be told it was not for sale as it belonged to the garage owner who had just bought it. I tried to explain their misunderstanding, that I wanted to buy it, but still no. To cut a long story short, the owner became very desperate for money following some unfortunate circumstances, and after three weeks of haggling, the car is now mine, I paid too much for it, but it was such a legendary car that I had to own it. It is a supercharged Rover V8 powered Mark 3 Capri with a Jag back axle, just as it was done in the old days! What a Car! The highlight was when a meeting was arranged with the chap who built it originally, who is now seventy, and still remembers everything he did over the five years building it. No expense was spared and as he put it "everything was done properly" The attention to detail is staggering, and it made me think if Paul had built it, then this is how it would have turned out. The most surprising fact of all, is that he is a furniture restorer and has never been a mechanic, unbelievable. Sorry its not a Toyota, but its forty next year so definately retro.A lot of work is required but at least I have the time now.

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    Love it! What's it pushing out bhp wise?
    Mk2 2GR-FE Trackday Weapon. Taxed, MOT'ed and insured! She's finished!

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    That's just ridiculously awesome, I'm very jealous sir.

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    Good googly moogly, I'd love a big blower towering out the front of my TVR. That sounds incredible!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyra View Post
    Love it! What's it pushing out bhp wise?
    Its a bit difficult to guess really, but the general consensus is that the supercharger (Wade RO34) will double the BHP. The Rover engine at stock is approx 165 BHP so potentially 330. The engine has been built specially for the supercharger, so correct compression ratio etc. The Rover engine is slightly lighter than the original engine, as its alloy,but the supercharger is quite heavy. My local garage who builds V8 engines and often works on American cars took it for a drive after tuning it, and its accereration is frightening, and he said it was very powerful (scary), I wish I had filmed it. It has twin modified Cherry bombs as exhausts, with an "On/OFF lever" on the side to change the muffling. It is seized on "Loud" so can be heard some distance away, and has a very distinctive note. I have only trundled about in it, as it still has a few problems to sort out. It is however taxed and MOTed and insured, which involved ten pages of modification declarations and details before they would insure it. When I sort it out so I can drive it safely, I will try and post a video of it. It has suffered quite a few years in the hands of the unknowing, so I am undoing all their bodging. If anyone is on facebook, please check "Thanet Cruisers" which is a number of members of our car club from some thirty years ago. I am running a blog of sorts, on the works on the car if anyone wants to take a look.

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