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    Hello from a new mk1 owner

    Hello, I have just got back into mk1 ownership after about a decade gap. Managed to find one that has had quite a few mods done already and just needs a bit of tidying up around the edges. But so far, I am really happy with it.

    I will get a full spec sheet soon, but it's still got a 4age in it, that has been modded (forged internals, throttle bodies, etc) and the chassis has been updated to suit. I put a set of wheels I wanted to fit to a mk1 for years today, so here is my new purchase..........


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    Looks very nice from the pics. Welcome to the club !

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    Tried to PM you but your inbox is full

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    Red's a lovely colour for these. Let me know if there are bits you need, I'm breaking mine up...

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