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    Icon4 Lightened rev 2 1mz

    Hi everyone I've recently bought a really solid rev 2 tintop for peanuts. Never been welded by the looks and has interior partially stripped which suits my ideas for this project.

    As I already have a nice rev 2 3sge tintop and a classic Mini with work quite busy too money and time is tight for this new project. I love improvising and the fun to be had by limiting how much cash is thrown at a project

    Plan is dirt cheap home build 1mz preferably vvti install in a lightened shell to enjoy b road blasts in the North Wales evo triangle area on my doorstep and I may enter loton park hillclimb which is just up the road from me.

    So I'm biding my time looking for conversion parts at the right price if anyone can help out please?

    Here's my wants list:

    Engine mount
    Na flywheel drilled to fit mz
    Modified downpipe
    Suitable exhaust not too loud
    Plug and play adapted wiring harness if such a thing exists?

    Also super red osf wing and bumper std or border

    Anything else you guys can think of. Prefer local collection north Shropshire Chester west mids

    My approach is to prep the car first and buy the engine last. I want everything ready to make the actual engine drop in as rapid as possible.

    I'll post photos up over the next few days.

    Sorry if you've seen this sort of thing before but hopefully the car will look subtly different to other '2s out there - I grew up obsessed with 70s Bertone sports prototypes, stuff like the Alfa Romeo Carabo and my first job was photographer for an auto design house so I like to mess around with the way a car looks to put my personal stamp on it

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    Hi, I can supply the engine mount, flywheel and plug and play harness to make your build easier.

    Anything you need help with just ask.

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    I have a single exit exhaust up for sale at the moment for £125 or offers / eq. Doombar / hugs etc.

    I've also got some rev3 spoilers in an assortment of colours if you want to ditch the rev2 spoiler wingtop crap, a personal dislike of mine....



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    Also here's a late Christmas present that I suspect will be right up your alley (ooer missus). I rewrote this, not my original work btw.


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    Hi all thanks for replies.

    Chris I've seen that weight reduction list before thanks for reminding me of it. Focusing on rear especially at extremities and also unsprung weight. Air con will be binned, not refitting any spoiler apart from Saab turbo rubber affair which I've done before looks good and weighs next to nothing. Rear crash bar may well go.

    Carpets, speakers, spare wheel already ditched. Front fogs will be removed but retaining front crash bar as there is less crash protection with no engine and fewer bulkheads. Keeping heater for comfort.

    I'm thinking of a similar exhaust to the one you have for sale, mine will be a home made affair quite similar in fact. Having varying muffler box sizes makes for a well balanced sound in my experience (my other Rev 2 na is fitted with a Phoenix power dep 1)

    I'm putting the wheels up for sale if anyone's interested. 2 piece Japanese splits, staggered 16" X 7" front 8" rear, et 36 offset, need refurb but really not too much work required to look good. Collection preferred £150

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    Hi mate ive got a na flywheel that i milled out going spare. I upgraded mine to a 3sgte last time i pulled my 3vz out. Im pulling it again soon to fit my turbo set up on it. Im only in buckley so not a miliion miles away

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    Probably just had the fastest change of heart ever where a car is concerned. I've decided that I need to focus my time on my business and my existing cars deserve more love so I've just listed the project on eBay with a £350 starting price.

    Link to auction

    Bit gutted but it's the right thing to do. I'd like a TB member to give this the engine it deserves so if someone wants to give me £400 (firm) it's yours

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    Quote Originally Posted by byrney1984 View Post
    Hi mate ive got a na flywheel that i milled out going spare. I upgraded mine to a 3sgte last time i pulled my 3vz out. Im pulling it again soon to fit my turbo set up on it. Im only in buckley so not a miliion miles away
    Hi buddy we've chatted before and I would have taken up your offer unfortunately I've just had a change of heart which is a shame but something I need to do

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    So the cars going to a good home reshelling a recently crashed turbo. So a good result as the car should be returned to the road quickly I just didn't have the time to invest right now.

    Wheels still available if anybody wants them.

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