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Thread: Hi all

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    Updated cost post

    Don't really want to add it all up yet though....

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    A wire wheel on a bench grinder will clean the heavy carbon deposits from the valves but they need to be ground back in to the head valve seats with coarse then smooth grinding paste, i use one of these for best results....

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    Good shout!

    Removed all the rings, just waiting for my honing tool to rock up

    Spent a bit of time cleaning up the injectors and made a start on the valves

    Sent the head off so should go pick that up Thursday and can then start rebuilding them and then waiting for oil pump to turn up and a few other bits

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    Got the heads back

    Cost £120 for both skims

    Started to lap the valves in today and got the pistons in and got the oil cooler on

    Next job is to get the exhaust valves lapped in and then do the same on the other head then the heads can go on

    Just waiting on oil pump and bearings and then the bottom end can go back together

    Plenty to get on with though

    Need to order some exhaust studs and replace them while it's all out

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    Oil pumps turned up

    Still having problems with big end and main bearings

    Ordered some but then get told only 2 in stock which is annoying so then order from America to be told only got 3 in stock then the old place has come back and says they can get 6 big ends but not till april


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    Valves lapped, springs and keepers in, cams polished, heads on, cams in intake manifold back on

    Just bottom end to rebuild now

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    Cam belt done
    Oil pump

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    Golly you are flying. Colour scheme looks great, that's going to look pretty damn spiffy in the engine bay.


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    Cheers mate, paints not the best close up but who looks close up!? Haha

    Just gota wait 4 weeks for the big end bearings to turn up now grrr

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    Good news!

    Big end bearings will be here on Thursday

    Got a load of missing bolts today too

    Getting a turbo flywheel at the weekend and then I can get that machined

    Bought a downpipe and intake hose from a member here but still not shown up which is rather annoying.... Hopefully he replied to my messages and it turns up!

    Also sorted insurance too 370 quid with the v6 so not too bad I thought

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