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    Wanted 3vzfe baffle pan

    So seems my 3vzfe didn't come with a oil baffle plate thing that sits above the sump

    Anyone got one?

    Also on the lookout for a new oil pump rock auto sent me a strainer instead (which I needed anyway)

    And my harmonic balancer is broken at the rear lip, anyone got one that's not broken?

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    There's a thread on here somewhere. There's a splash plate under that crank, but the big issue is if you go round a long sweeping turn (it's either left or right!) The oil pump can starve in some scenarios.


    Just weld a plate in the centre of the sump with sufficient flow between the two halves. I think someone made one with a flappy bit. That was pretty cool.

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    Yeah it's the splash plate I was missing, found one now

    Is that quite common on these engines then?

    I'll weld a plate or two in to try and help

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    Take a look at crank scrapers while you're at it.

    Also this-

    Baffled Oil Pan (aka sump in british speak)

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    That's the heads stripped down ready to get skimmed

    How do these valves look? What's best to use to clean them up?

    In other news other the pistons out of the engine and the crank out, seems the main bearings I've ordered are not the right size grrr

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    Looks interesting, I shall get something sorted


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