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    Wanted 3vzfe baffle pan

    So seems my 3vzfe didn't come with a oil baffle plate thing that sits above the sump

    Anyone got one?

    Also on the lookout for a new oil pump rock auto sent me a strainer instead (which I needed anyway)

    And my harmonic balancer is broken at the rear lip, anyone got one that's not broken?

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    There's a thread on here somewhere. There's a splash plate under that crank, but the big issue is if you go round a long sweeping turn (it's either left or right!) The oil pump can starve in some scenarios.


    Just weld a plate in the centre of the sump with sufficient flow between the two halves. I think someone made one with a flappy bit. That was pretty cool.

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    Take a look at crank scrapers while you're at it.

    Also this-

    Baffled Oil Pan (aka sump in british speak)

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