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Thread: Me and my MK1.5

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    Me and my MK1.5

    Hello Mr2 people
    I have been a MK1 Mr2 man ever since the year 1998 when a mate bought one. It took me a couple of years and I bought a 1989 white tbar. I then owned five Mr2's from that day until Mr2 retirement in 2005 (from a mica blue tbar)....
    Well, I now have kids and after a bit of persuading and promise of a family SUV to replace my cabriolet, the green light was given.
    Don't get me wrong, that TVIS wind up was a lovely thing, but I wanted the noise of a turbo in my ear and had spent ages watching videos on youtube if MK1.5's. I think the Mr2 MK1 needed a stronger engine to make the most of the way it was balanced and set up and for me, a supercharger just would not cut it. Don't shoot me, I think they are great things, just not my power bag....
    Well, after a trip to Aberdeen, on my driveway, under very expensive cover is a MK1.5. An ex Paul Woods conversion I have been told by previous owner.
    Gotta shoot now, more about the mighty Mr2 laters.

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    was that the 6.5k one? Seen it advertised, looked a cracker...

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