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    You still have the driveshafts buddy?

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    I do indeed, with celica CV's for mating to mk1 hubs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommytank View Post
    I do indeed, with celica CV's for mating to mk1 hubs.
    You have PM

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    Following parts still available guys:

    Ping Pong Power exhaust manifold - Unused, £25 plus post

    Woodsport BC Front splitter, unused and good condition, £100 plus post

    Woodsport TD engine lid, painted Mica blue, great condition.£150 plus post.

    MK1 strut brace thing. Doesn't interfere with the sunroof, it fits below it. £20 plus post.

    MK1 spare tire brace. £20 plus whatever post and packaging would get this to you in one piece.

    CT26 rebuild turbo. New cartridge fitted but otherwise stock. used for a minimal mileage apparently. Shaft has zero play, unsurprisingly. £250 plus postal.

    Carlos Sainz Chargecooler and pump. I can supply a cinquecento rad to go with this if needed for an extra tenner. £100 plus postage.

    Also the rest of the car will be getting scuttled. If you need mk1.5 or AW11 bits let me know.

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    Tommy can you free up some room in your inbox please

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    Guys, I am coming to the point where i need to make a decision on what happens to this shell. I'm loathed to bin it, but its sat with split hubs on axle stands.

    Doors and bodywork are all still present, although it is suffering from corrosion which i can document. Long and short, I', offering this for free to anyone on here. As long as you can get to Irvine and remove it, the car and docs are yours. It is, with time and effort, a savable car.

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    Wish i had a use for it Tommy, but aside from not fitting in a Mk1 very well, i really haven't done much with them. i think its probably unlikely someone will be able to take it on, bit of a shame but not all projects cross the finishing line.

    Salvage what you can and ditch the rest, there's other projects to be getting on with. Been there, sad moment but if you're done, you're done.



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