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    Exactly that mate, life circumstances are tricky the now so sadly its gotta go.

    I can sit on the chassis for another few weeks incase a taker rocks up, after that its rolled out for the binman...

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    A big thanks goes to Tommy with the packaging of the engine cover and front splitter!

    A pleasure to deal with!! I'll post up pictures with them fitted soon hopefully!

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    Cheer Alex, tried to reply but your inbox is full.

    Guys, still got a good raft of trim and such you would find on a mk1b, along with tatty but servicable black leather seats.

    Pricing for this stuff will not be ebay breaker levels of piss taking. If you need little bits here and there get in touch, it will be cheap. I will be damned if i'm sending it all to the scrap man if i can help it, but simlarly i cant store a full car in bits.

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    Hi mate, has the Woodsport front lip gone? Also, do you still have the clear front light lenses?

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    Lip is sold, i still have the lenses somewhere I think, will dig them out.

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    Hi Tommy - I've a medium sized list of various bits that I am looking for so I've dropped you a PM with the details.


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    Ah, one thing I did forget to ask though given the scoop that you were selling, I assume the answer is no.

    Do you have the piping that runs from the air intake through the chassis/boot lining to the airbox?

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    Sorry all, the only thing left is the turbo, it all got scrapped to make space.

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    Jeez mate, sad thread :(

    Had the ‘I need a new project/I miss my MR2’s’ feeling today...hence logging on for a neb.

    Hope things are ok in the main, Tommy!
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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