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    MK2 front ARB Reinforcement plates

    Annoyingly a common issue (apparently) that took me a while to discover after part rebuilding the whole front suspension because of a horrible knocking....

    Basically the front ARB mounts have started to rip away the chassis and I need some made up.

    Twos r us supply them but being in the states that doesn't immediately help a great deal, shipping is almost double the price of them and the restoration shop are asking £135 + materials per side. While this will be a quality job it does seem a bit much for fabricating some basic plates to weld in (correct me if this seems fair, I wouldn't want the hassle if its actually a good price)

    Wondering before I have to decide the lesser of 2 evils if anyone here makes them or knows of anyone who does, has a spare set ect?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    I would personally cut two 5mm plates to the correct shape, drill the bracket holes in them and weld captive nuts on the back. Cut out the old mount area and weld in the new plates, it shouldn't cost more than your time.

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    Thanks Paul, they do seem very simple to make but unfortunately I am without a workshop or garage at the moment, I had to relocate to London for work and am yet to find anywhere that's even half reasonably priced.

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    So ordered a couple of sets + some other stuff not available in the UK, this ad can be closed/deleted.


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