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    BodgeWerks 2GR Day Road Trip :)

    A 2GR powered RX350 for £1500? You bet your ass we snapped that up! Today's road trip to Manchester bagged this bundle of joy. I thought my RX300 was quite lively, but this mutherfudger literally pulls your face off on a hard launch. Patrick and I even picked up a strange antipodean hitcher / map reader on the way. Angle grinder on standby! It's car killing time!!! #2grpower #bodgewerksroadtrip

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    Wow massive bargain bigman

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    And a fun day out too.

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    Top bargain hunters!! What kind of mileage had it done?

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    Proper result! What's it going into?
    Mk2 2GR-FE Trackday Weapon. Taxed, MOT'ed and insured! She's finished!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyra View Post
    Proper result! What's it going into?
    Probably a late Rev5, I know a man with a few cars in his stable so we have plenty of options.



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    I vote for putting it in the Dino

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