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    Anyone doing the driver's club day on 3rd June Warwick?

    So I've kept my 1mz vvti MR2, given it a bit of fettling and back in love with it again. Are there any 2gr owners going to the big day? Still not experienced one yet.
    Thinking of going up in mine and the wife in her roadster

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    Hey Robbo, I'm going, few others too. I won't be in the 2GR tho (long story), I will be in the Shitbox MK2 1MZ, no 2nd gear, an oil leak and I think an alternator on the way out by the sound of it, but until something falls off ima keep on driving. :)


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    I should be there with my supercharged v6 mk1

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    Sweet. Can't remember if we've met? I never know who people are (unless they have their forum name on a badge!).

    Sadly my car and I are fairly easy to spot.



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    Yep I'm looking forward to it. The gen4 swap isn't ready yet but the daily rev4 NA is fighting fit.

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    Great, I'll be heading up first thing Sunday Morning from Hereford. Not sure motorway or cross country

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    I will be going down in the MK1 on Sunday morning. The V6 MK2 wont be ready.

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    I'll be there but my 2gr Mk3 is SORN so taking my genuine TRD. Andy

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