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    3sgte alternator may be knackered.

    Hi again, I've just driven to Louth for a track day at Cadwell Park tomorrow, after the car breaking down at a roundabout nr Lincoln due to a flat battery, I eventually made it after buying another extortionate battery from Halfords, the problem I have is everything is pointing toward the alternator being fooked. A friend is bringing a meter in the morning to test, but I was wondering if it is the altenator what are the chances of getting a compatible one inLouth. I have a 3sgte running the gt4 chargecooler?

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    If anyone can tell me if there are multiple options or if it is a specific alternator that fits the conversion I would appreciate it, I'm just trying to work out if my track day is done and then I can carry on drinking tomorrow! All day and probably all night??

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