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    Forge Motorsport Action Day - castle combe sat 8th sep 2018

    Ive recently organised a stand for the above event.
    If anyone wants to go i have put a post on the mr2 uk south fb page.

    Heres my post...

    I have now got the club code for forge motorsport day at castle combe on Sat 8th September 2018 at castle combe racing circuit just outside chippenham, wiltshire.
    Its the first club stand for this fb group so would be great to see some faces.
    The event is open to all marques and not just jap cars so should be something for everyone.

    Track action is also available if you want to go on track on the day. Just buy your tickets from the site below.

    Club stand tickets are £15 PER CAR. If you want to go on track then its £25 per 15 min session.

    To buy your ticket then click on club zone and select MR2FORGE and pm me that you want to go and i will pm you the club code specific to this club.
    Please do not give out the code to others as i need to keep an eye on how manys coming to inform the organisers.
    Ive been allocated 15 spaces for now so need to update the organisers if we need more or less.

    Let me know here that u pmd me as pms dont always show.

    Thanks and look forward to you all coming.

    If you are not a member of the mr2 uk south fb group then please pm me on here for the code

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    Ive just had combe phone me. I have an allocation of 15 cars put down for us and we have only got 5 cars booked. WE ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING OUR STAND!!!! We had plenty of people say they are coming but as of yet only 3 members here has purchased tickets.
    No one else has pmd me for the code either!!
    The forums ive posted on have been dead too so its up to us to fill this!!!

    The current deadline for tickets is 13th AUGUST however combe said its a popular event and spaces are being filled fast so this deadline maybe earlier.

    Please let me know if your going to go or not.


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    Not one reply from here
    Looks like ticket sales finish this friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by markstevieandmads View Post
    Not one reply from here
    Looks like ticket sales finish this friday
    Would have loved to bring my turbo 3vz mate but I can’t say for definite it would be running in time given my recent set back. Think I will finish it by early October

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