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    Anyone breaking a Gen 2 RX300 ?

    Hi mates !

    Needing a few bits from 2004+ RX300, if anyone has one they are breaking.

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    Hey buddy, was only talking about you yesterday!

    We will probably be breaking an RX350 in the next few weeks? It's nearly the spit of my RX300, aside from the obvious engine difference of course.

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    Hello there dear chap, thats spooky, hope it was all good !

    May need a few bits, if it has nav with ML headunit with the CD player that works 100% I would be interested. I found a couple of pipes that I needed since posting up but I will see what else I need.

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    Yeah you were copping the blame for "that video" again, I still meet people who say it rattled them do much they couldn't get the V6 swap out of their minds.

    Will keep you updated when the Lex lies bleeding on the BodgeLair carpet.



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