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    Hi all, gimme what you know on turbos n gubbins

    Been hanging about for a bit, but I have a 92 turbo mr2 that I fixed up from front end crash damage early Feb. Even resprayed it all meself
    I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this hybrid ct26 that I picked up a few months ago. It has a strange impeller that doesn't look like worn to me but I don't know much. There are no name plates for companies that might of done the conversion, only stamped numbers. Very minimal play also. Has anyone seen something like this?

    I don't even know where to begin all I know is that it was running 16psi on a forged engine.

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    That impellor likes like its been clipped. However to me it does look like a standard size

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    I can offer no technical knowledge, just a replacement that's been relatively unused since its refurb.

    £200 if you need it.

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    Clipped eh? It does look purposely done. I wonder why someone would of done this

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