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    Just saying hello

    Hi folks, am Pete, and I just bought a MR2!!!,
    After ten years of not owning one, I have finally bought myself a little project,

    the car is a 96 rev3 UK spec, I loved every (most) minute of my last MR2, but always thought that the V6 would be a better engine for the chassis.
    after sorting out the bodywork I was thinking of a 1mz Fe conversion, I don't really think am going for massive power, so I am favouring the 1mz over the 3mZ, does that sound like the best engine of the two for my needs? Which I suppose leads to the question of does anyone know where I could find one at a reasonable price?
    I was also going to up rate brakes and suspension, does anyone have any recommendations as to best upgrades to that end?

    Thanks, am sure these are the first of many questions as I progress through the build

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    Hi Pete welcome to TB.

    You definitely want the 1mz, the 3vz is a dinosaur by comparison, now there are two flavours of 1mz, the non vvti camry engine and the more powerful vvti version found in the Lexus rx300.

    The rx300 route is preferred as it's more bang per buck and can be done without buying a complete donor car as we now have unlocked non immobilizer type ECU available for them.

    We provide a one stop shop for all the parts you need including doing your complete wiring.

    The help and advice is always free though even if you make or source everything yourself.

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    Thanks Paul, you have confirmed want I was thinking about which engine to use.

    I have already been looking round your website for a while now and I'll be needing a few bits for m you ok lol and I will pick plenty of brains on here too !!



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