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    New to the forum - Back in an MR2 - Bought a lemon!!

    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself and also ask for some advice!

    I've owned several mk2's in the past and recently have been very keen to get another as a weekend toy. When I spotted this Rev3 with a 3VZ-FE conversion I couldn't resist;

    MR2 Small.jpg

    I have however run in to some troubles with coolant blowing in to the overflow reservoir and have had a sniff test done today unfortunately confirming the worst case scenario The engine was rebuilt 8000 miles ago prior to my ownership, so I can only think the issue is something more terminal than a head gasket such as porous head, porous block, poorly (or non) skimmed heads at the time of rebuild... who knows.

    Needless to say i'm gutted and also feel like an idiot for not spotting any issues at time of purchase - I did an extensive test drive and also managed the 90mile drive home no problem. The rest of the car is great - stacks of history, a genuine 74k miles on the clock and solid bodywork due to being garaged.

    As i'm now essentially writing off this engine, what do you guys think I should do? Get a replacement 3VZ-FE? Swap in a 1MZ-FE? 2GR-FE?? I'm not after stacks of power, just something that sounds good with plenty of grunt.

    I've already been looking around the forums a fair bit and look forward to getting more involved - possibly starting a build thread! I was a member of the mr2oc a number of years ago (having owned a Rev 1 n/a, Rev 5 n/a and Rev 2 turbo) and there was a great bunch of members and info on there as i'm sure there is here

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    Hi and welcome aboard, I would personally take the current engine apart and find out what's gone wrong first, then decide a course of action.

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