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Thread: Hello from NH

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    Hello from NH

    Just joined this forum and already glad I did.. loads of useful information.

    I am in the early stages of a mk1.6 build.. I have pulled the engine and transmission from my donor Camry and this weekend I'll be replacing the timing belt and installing my return style fuel rails.

    The engine will be going in my '87 that I've owned and autocrossed for the past 10 years on and off. It's a solid car from a hot/dry climate with no rust to speak of but the interior was sun damaged and now mostly removed. Last winter I went through and rebuilt the suspension and made up some Koni 8610 based coilovers. Sustaining around 1.2 g's according to my datalogger so I'm pretty happy with how that came out.

    Once the v6 is in I'll be running it in autocross for fun/ seat time and hill climbs (hopefully competitively). Maybe a small turbo someday...

    This weekend I'm going to buy some sw20 turbo axles locally that I'm hoping to use. I think I can pull the outer cv joints off and replace them with one that will fit in the aw11 hub? Going to read around here and see if I can find a source for those joints.

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    Hi Steve, welcome to TB, your choice of axle all depends on the transmission you will be using, if you are using the S54 Mr2 NA trans then the S54 axles will just plug and play into your hubs. If you are using the E153 trans from the Mr2 turbo then you need to use E153 axles but change the outer CV joints to Celica GT4 St185 front outer joints (i can supply these if you can't source locally).

    The outer CV from the Aw11 axle will not work on the turbo axles.

    If you need any further help just ask.

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    Thanks! Do you have a part number that I should be looking for? I can't seem to find the joints unless I have them shipped international. I have also heard that 80's Camry v6 outer joints will work?

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