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    How doo

    Hi guys,

    I was given a mk2 mr2 earlier this year as it was going to scrap and I'm known to take in basket cases lol. Its had hits sills done in recent years and it's a little rough the rev 1 na engine is on its last legs tho so the plan is to put a v6 in there :) as a side project from my gt4.

    I'll get pics up of it shortly

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    Alright pal. Your local to me as I’m only in Buckley. If you need any help just give us a shout.

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    Cool, that's good to know, I've got a gt4 I'm building too this is a side project to do while I collect the parts for my beams turbo build :)

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    Nice that should be a rare powerful beast. What gen celica is it?

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    st205 bud the aim is 550 at the wheels with high revs

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    Christ thats some power. Turbo the size of a Volvo arctic hahaha good luck with it

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    Will see about the turbo as garret are making some good small units now,

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