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    Bring out yer dead!

    3VZ fun in the BodgeLair this weekend, old engine stripped ready to rebuild on the 3.1 big bore V6!

    Watch this space!

    (Anyone need a boat anchor by the way?)

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    Where'd that turn up from? What's up with it?

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    It was sat outdoors for a year because it started knocking, so the bottom end is going in the bin and rest got harvested!


    Quote Originally Posted by thomp1983 View Post
    Where'd that turn up from? What's up with it?

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    Alright Chris just a thought I have a knackered block here if you want it. If your going to bore it out to a 3.1 then it would be ideal. Because the scores in the bores would be removed when you insanely open it up a few mm. Yours if you want it. I did think about making a coffee table with it and a side table from the crank.

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    Thanks Alan but the 2nd pic is the partially built 3.1, the blue blockbuster the deado one.

    It was one of those projects that stalled so it's getting a reboot!


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