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    Hello from a 2GR Mk3 owner

    Hello everyone.

    As per title - although not quite the owner yet and not quite a complete car either! If all goes well though I should be taking delivery of a Rogue Motorsport 2GR converted rolling chassis complete apart from engine, AND a 2GR engine from elsewhere. So this weekend will hopefully involve bringing the 2 together.

    Any tips on installation appreciated; I've done a 2zz swap before with a mixture of hoist and jacks. Guessing more of the same with a 2GR?


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    Great start with a typo in the title! Mk3 Roadster of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWDKurt View Post
    Great start with a typo in the title! Mk3 Roadster of course
    Lol, nice one. You will fit in well here with the rest of us. Welcome. Get some pics up, this sounds interesting!

    I have a MK2 2gr converted by me, currently parked up having a Dino body kit fitted. Check out my FB page (BodgeWerksUK)



    P.s. - edited the title for you.
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    Welcome pal. Be nice to see a 2GR squeezed into one of those go karts.

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    2gr mk3s exist but they aren't that common as it's pretty tight. Best of luck doing it....

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    Thanks for the warm welcome (and edit cdwood!). I'll have a go at uploading pics when the car arrives. The current engine is a trick unit with fancy rods - and is being removed tomorrow morning for use in a supercharged Evora. I suspect that a stock engine will be plenty quick enough for me - looing forward to finding out...

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