Hello, my name is Andy and Iíve been rebuilding salvage cars since 15. My older brother was big into cars and I was constantly helping him out and picked up things here and there. Bought my first car from my high school history teacher for $500. It was a 99 red Mazda Miata with a blown engine, and for a good year that was the car I took apart to learn how it works. Anyhow, Iím 23, and Iíve owned now 17 unique cars. Iíve been wanting an mr2 for a while however a clean mk2 example around MA is hard to come by. So I stumbled on a totaled out 2000 mr2 spyder from California and ended up getting it for a steal. Had front and rear end damage nothing crazy just bent radiator support and broken bumpers and lights. And thatís when I decided this was going to be my ultimate build. I drove it down the coast from MA to Georgia and back this summer with no hiccups. Had my fun with what it was, now itís time for big changes.

Car came with a 1zz from a 08 Toyota Corolla. I took that out and am currently doing a 1mzfe swap. Wheels set up will be 16x8 rota grids with as wide of a tire as I can fit, federal 595s. Once itís complete it will get a respray in bmw alpine white. While working a day job and trying to get my career in finance going, itís going to be quite a challenge to get the project complete by May of this year. But that is my goal.

Hereís what it looked like before I started the v6 swap. E3785F69-BF1D-4A71-8CE4-5F61EB67DEDD.jpg