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    A few MR2 bits free to good home

    I’ll be weighing in a load of scrap this weekend but before I do I thought I’d ask if anyone wanted some of the MR2 bits first.
    Theres 2 rev3 upper intake plenums complete
    2 rev3 throttle bodies
    A rev1/2 throttle body
    A rev 3 cylinder head complete
    A rev3 exhaust manifold
    A couple of rocker covers
    A S54 gearbox out of my rev1 import. All there but 2nd gear syncro crunches when down shifting
    A brand new 3SGTE clutch friction plate.
    A rev1 import auto gearbox complete.
    A rev3 Uk O/S/R hub with abs sensor
    A couple of dizzy’s and caps.
    A black bonnet
    A black rev1 boot lid
    Also have a pair of mint condition rev1 import door cards
    If anyone wants anything let me know all free or donated beer welcome
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    I thought the rev3 head and manifold were sought after, didnt i read somewhere there were advantages to dropping on on a rev1 / 2 block? Cam profiles or something.

    I will take the turbo plate if you're chucking it!



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    Yeah ithe rev3 head has different cam profiles and a different design. So you can bolt it on a rev 1/2 bottom end and get 176bhp out the box. Just need the cambelt kit from a rev3. Also it had different injectors. Its all there and I have a full cambelt and water pump kit too.
    I’ll pop the clutch plate in the post mate might have a thrust bearing too if I can find it.

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    I'll take the door cards please. Andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayresyboy View Post
    I'll take the door cards please. Andy
    Yeah sound mate I take it you want them posting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by byrney1984 View Post
    Yeah sound mate I take it you want them posting?
    Yes. Although I may have misread. Rev1 don't have the inserts right?

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    If you mean the fabric: leather top bits then I don’t think they do. These are them

    They are unmarked and have no crushing on the arm rest.

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    Ah I already got those. Looking for ones I can add my leather inserts. Sorry.

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    Yeah no worries pal

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