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    Scotland to JAE via everywhere thread

    Righto, subject to me still being in Glasgow at the time, or at least coming back up for the V6, i'll be heading down with Murf to JAE in convoy.

    1) OlberJ
    2) Murf
    3) Mikee

    Add your name if your going down.

    I take it this is a Friday leaving convoy, i reckon lunch time-ish. Will be heading as straight down as our navigating allows.

    So, who's with us?

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    1) OlberJ
    2) Murf
    3) Mikee
    4) Msherry21

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    1) OlberJ
    2) Murf
    3) Mikee
    4) Msherry21
    5) Shugsta in the 1.5 & possibly Anne (the better half) in the support vehicle.

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    Durham, UK birthplace of the 1.5,v6 and v8 Mr2
    will durham be en route?

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    Why the heck not!

    I'll have a look and see where we can mosey on down to at each stage.

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    Yeah, I can get over to some various services at certain times to meet certain people :)

    I guess I could go to M62/M1 or Donnington Services (M1 J23A) to meet you lot on the way.

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    Righto Durham's not gonna be a problem, only adds 10mins to the journey, Johnny i think it'd be best if you headed East and met us on the way down :

    350miles all in, should be a hoot!

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    I'll be meeting you on the M1 then. Either M62 Junction with the M1 around the East side of Leeds or the services at J23a on the M1 which is the end of the A50

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    As long as you know mate, that's fine. My geography of anywhere outside Scotland is terrible.

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