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    Aye, but you've ruined it lol

    Col got it

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    no veesickness is on hold. This year is about preparing the chassis for it - bodywork, suspension interior.

    Unless I find a pot of gold ;)
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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    I've just got Jasper's joke. :blush:

    Head earlyish, brunch at Durham, then blat on down to be there for late afternoon and get sozzled. That suit the rest of you's?

    Col, why u gotta be down so early Friday? i thought it started on the Saturday, no?

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    Am expecting to be helping out with the MR2OC stand like last year.

    Kinda tempted to jump ship though ;)

    For an entertaining start to the run down I'd recommend blasting down on the east coast - the wigglies through the border to Jedburgh way are AWESOME and will take you to Mr Woods doorstep almost!
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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    oh i wanna go this year!..........kinda hard to get time off work, even if i have holidays to take. plus, i dont know any1 really. im kinda shy and will feel like a prick lol

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    Hence the reason to go to JAE. You get to meet everyone and no longer feel like the spare prick.

    It's my first time too. Cannae wait tho.

    'Mon, get the holidays booked and join us.

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    this'll be my first time going with twobrutal, been loads with the "pink side" :gay: known as TOC (toyota owners club) which is always an amazing weekend. you'll get to know loads of people from various clubs, drink more booze than you can imagine and maybe at some stage even put up a tent! Last year I slept in my tent with no poles as they all blew away...but I was pissed anyway and can't remember that!

    Get it booked!!!


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    Righto, we're leaving Bothwell services at 7.30am, that means we'll be at Durham about 10-10.30am (160 miles)

    That too late for you Paul/Phil? What time you meeting Johnny et al?

    Then straight on down the A1/M1. should be there for mid afternoon by my reckoning (200 miles of motorway).

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    we usually meet up with some of the mk1 club lot at the church mouse/chester le st at around that time mate so that could work out nicely

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