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    Quote Originally Posted by OlberJ
    Righto, we're leaving Bothwell services at 7.30am, that means we'll be at Durham about 10-10.30am (160 miles)

    That too late for you Paul/Phil? What time you meeting Johnny et al?

    Then straight on down the A1/M1. should be there for mid afternoon by my reckoning (200 miles of motorway).
    Shite man Ollie I won't be setting off til 14.00 at the earliest. Don't you bastards get too drunk affore I get there. Mind having said that if Pauls on his third can, blotto! Aye and do we have to meet Johnny can't we just tell him the JAE's on next week in Beruit. Well see him there.

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    Olie,Cant belive your making us get up that early!!
    Better go to bed!

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    slight change of plan means I'll be leaving edinburgh around 1pm ish...cya'll this evening at some point!
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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