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    jae local accomodation!

    for any of you that want to come to jae but dont want to camp :naughty: then here is a list of local accomodation! would advise you book early as it gets pretty busy around that weekend;)

    Hotels near east of England Showground

    Holiday Inn Express

    Marriott Peterborough

    Orton Hall Hotel

    Moat House Hotel

    Thorpe Lodge Hotel

    Holiday Inn

    and other hotels

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    Al delete this thread. I'm afraid that camping with us lot is the only option at JAE or you risk missing out on some of the real aftershow fun :)

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    well i only posted coz of the lardy mk2 lot might need a comfy bed seeing as that is all they are used to!!!!:hidesbehi lol lol lol

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    Now Now Al, this lardy MKIIer & partner shall be camping with the rest you!

    Just reserve us a pitch 40' by 40' for the tent with en-suite & lounge area with patio!
    Calling No. 25 1.5 SE

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    your gonna need to borrow the shed to take a tent of that size :)

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    Vacuum Packing is the future!

    Seen it on Sky Shopping Channels!
    Calling No. 25 1.5 SE

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    I tought garlic bread was the future :)

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    bid up tv is it Stephen :)

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    "its the future, ive seen it.."

    seriously though, camping is essential..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nik
    seriously though, camping is essential..
    he says in Delhi
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