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    But it's great off road! (A supermarket car park is technically off the road to these types.)

    Next thing we know he'll have bought a MK2 :whistle:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marksman

    Next thing we know he'll have bought a MK2 :whistle:
    But it's going nowhere near a corner.

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    Phew, disaster averted then.


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    What's the deadline Al? I've always wanted to put Tig in for something like that but I don't know if she'll be up to it until nearer the time!

    Thank you

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    they didnt mention when deadline for the show and shine was ! i presume we get x amount of places and fill those when the we get there? i will ask a question of the jae forum and see what i get back.

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    answer to the question "how much notice?" answer is one hour before the start of the show and shine!! that help everyone?

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    Fantastic! Put me down as a definate maybe please!

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    can you put me down for this one, be good for a laugh

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    I'm looking at putting sam's body kit on mine. If its ready in time & looking
    ok count me in

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