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    still cant wait to see what it will look like on a silver car especially a spot on silver one like yours fella! Dont worry am pushing hard to get this kit ready ASAP as desperate for a few of them now!

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    and no way I am going in a show n shine comp with matts green meanie and the silver streak in there as that clocks counting to fast as it is to even think about competing with those 2! gonna be an awesome turnout from tb with those 2 machines in there fellas!

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    right we have 4 entries to the show and shine! anyone up for this? if we have more that 4 i suppose we could vote on it? tb as a club has never entered anything to my knowledge rotflmao so could be a first!!! oh apart from beer drinking and having the worst tent at last years show !!! ( woods :naughty: )

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    im aiming to surpass last years effort lodge.... although i did have stiff competition from rowdan last year for worst JAE tent...he scored well on lack of space and the fact you couldnt even sit up in it,but i clinched the title with perfect 6.0's for artistic impression :)

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    OK, I was thinking about entering Tiger but as I've never entered a Show and Shine or anything similar (I don't think jam and chutney at the local craft show count - even though they did win!). I don't know what the rules or requirements are and every time I mention it when Paff or Owen are around they look at me as though I'm totally mad!

    So what are the rules and criteria? Anyone know?

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    Lyn, your car will be gleaming, at least on the outside, will have to see what we can do with the engine. As soon as its back I'm attacking your car with all my supplies. Only fair with what we've put you through and also the fact my car is looking way too sorry for itself now. Still only a matter of time till we get it all sorted and we will have loads of shiny cars :)

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    hopefully matt dixey will hold our end up!:gay:

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    entries for the show and shine have to be in at least 30 mins before the marque time slot. which with us is 2.o'clock pm

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    Wouldnt mind putting in for this. the body work is now straight, and the engine bay spot on due to some woodsy magic! but my alloys are curbed to buggary! unless i could get a lend for the comp.....???

    but either way i'd be up for it. help increase the record for most things entered. GO TB!!!!


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