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    jae- food and ticket info

    right chaps! time to get going on this as its only 90 days to go!!!! right advance tickets will be available through the shop soon. if you book before 15th may it will be £10 after that date it will be £11. that price is available until the 20th of june. childrens tickets are £6 ( i dont know if any are going though?) after those dates it is £15 . this price includes entry for the whole weekend and camping. camping will be on the club stand but off to one side- this year we are going to sort the layout slightly differently;) . centre of the stand will be the tb marquee and cars will be placed around that, hopefully we will get around 30/40 cars so should be an excellent event. as you know there was talk of a food package for the whole weekend.this is going to be £25 and the menu is-

    Food for two brutal jae weekend

    There will be a vegetarian option available on all meals but please inform me beforehand so that I know how many weirdos there are!!! Lol

    Friday eve

    chicken curry with rice – mango chutney

    Saturday breakfast

    Sausage,tomato and scrambled eggs

    Saturday lunch

    Chicken Caesar salad with new potatoes

    Saturday evening

    Spaghetti Bolognese or chilli with rice – French bread

    Sunday breakfast

    Eggs and bacon or bacon sandwiches

    Sunday lunch

    Bangers and mash with beans

    will include tea and coffee

    i have tried to do food that will suit the majority of people but as the equipment is limited that that will be about the extent of its capabilities. the food cost will be £25( again!) for the 6 meals with hopefully any money left over going to the club.but anyone that was there last year will know how expensive the food stalls were:doh:
    there will be a package available for the tickets and food so they can be paid for both at the same time. there is also talk of a jae 2007 limited edition tee to go along with the package , but will let nik tell you the details on that!. so ? what are you waiting for! get buying ............. lol
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    I'm in for both over the whole weekend.

    Great stuff Alan. Let's just hope I've got a car to take, or I'll be asking Sam for a loaner!

    Bring it on. I'll obviously bring a case or 3 of the Stella syrup :)

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    Count me in too! Only 90 days to go! best get the car polished and tidied up then.

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    I'm up for both.... just a quick question ... is the ticket price for entry per person or per car... i.e 2 people = 2 tickets?

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    the ticket price is per person - and is the same price even if you want be be there for one day only.

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    /taps foot impatiently

    Do we form an orderly queue at the shop?

    Hmmmm at least I've a new excuse for not working on the V6 - I've been busy pressing f5 on the shop page, waiting to buy my ticket. :D

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    lol at jiff!!! sounds good well up for that oh and the misses and her brother lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldy
    I'm up for both.... just a quick question ... is the ticket price for entry per person or per car... i.e 2 people = 2 tickets?
    Why is Goldylocks coming? :)

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    that sounds brill!! Pices are fab!! Looking forward to it now!!!!

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