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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss.Fit
    that sounds brill!! Pices are fab!! Looking forward to it now!!!!
    What about Scorpios?


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    That's fantastic Al, 6 meals for £25 is a real bargain we'll definately be up for that. Menu sounds good too, not even my finicky wife can fault it;). Are we all on washing up duty?

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    Fantastic organisation! Can't wait for this, my car's just got back from the spray shop and is looking just right. I am definitely still on, a mate will be joining me instead of my wife, as of two weeks we now have a baby girl that needs looking after - though I have a pass out for this weekend...

    All of this is going on the shop soon then?

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    awesome menu alan look forward to it the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    absolutely spot on Al...hats off to you..
    tickets will be available in the shop by tonight..

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    back of the net al,really looking forward to it this year.

    oh and owen i got it if no one else did lol (leo's rule!)

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    I'll defo have a slice of that action. :popcorn:

    You still wanting a hand with the cooking Al?

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    Most def up for this, spent a fair bit last year with the food stands and trips to tesco evey so often (altho one of them was to get a non-hurricane affected sleeping bag)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marksman
    What about Scorpios?

    lol lol lol - thats what happens when you get happy, excited typing fingers!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marksman
    What about Scorpios?
    They won't be allowed on the stand; They have bulging eyes and a stupid blue oval badge.

    Rinse your mouth out with water filthy boy.

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